Healing Circles ~ Group Support

Birth Trauma

Healing Circles

Group Peer Support

 The potential for our healing is incredibly powerful

when we are in the presence of others who carry a similar wound.

What a Birth Trauma Healing Circle IS:

  • A series of 9 gatherings where you will be surrounded by compassion, acceptance, and support as you navigate your experience and your healing.
  • Dedicated space and time that is essential to the healing journey. And your presence is your permission.
  • An opportunity to look your wound deeply in the eye—to witness the real-ness of its existence—so that it can be freed to release its grip and to reveal its gifts.
  •  An opportunity to lend your compassion and understanding to other women on their healing paths.
  • An intentional balance between collective experiences and sacred solitude as you process your own trauma and begin your healing work.
Components of a Birth Trauma Healing Circle may include: sharing, listening, writing, labyrinth-walking, art and music therapy, and guided visualization.
Healing modalities may include Reiki/Energy Work, Scar Tissue Remediation, and Root Chakra Healing.

What a Birth Trauma Healing Circle is NOT:

  • A Miraculous, Instantaneous Cure.
  • A group pity-party or bitch-fest.
  • A competition for who had it the “worst”.
  • An opportunity to debate which ways of  “doing childbirth” are right/wrong or worst/best.


Who is it for?

  • Any woman who has experienced traumatic childbirth...and is ready to move forward in her healing.
  • Up to 10 women in each 9-week series of gatherings.
  • Each participant's partner will be invited to the 8th gathering. For the sake of the family, both the trauma-affected woman and her partner (who may also have experienced some measure of trauma from the experience) need to be able to acknowledge and communicate where they each are at, and how they can best support one another.
Depending on the needs of the group, we may be supported at 1 or 2 gatherings by one or two qualified and compassionate practitioners, in various healing modalities.

When & Where:

Fall 2016, location to be announced.


Because I wish I’d had some kind of supportive Sisterhood alongside me as I navigated my own Birth Trauma journey early on.

  • I invite you to a place of safety, understanding, empowerment, and deep compassion as you sift through the ashes of your experience.
  • I invite you to carry your wounded-ness gently from the darkness and into the light.
  • I invite you to into the loving presence of other women with whom you can trust your pain.
  • I invite you to a sacred experience that is dedicated to you and your healing journey.

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