About Me

I’ve been there...

In that darkest of places, wondering if my life would ever again resemble the one I used to know, the life before the wound, when I felt whole. I’ve been in that place of flashbacks and panic attacks; that shadowy place, questioning what went wrong that my birthing experience left me feeling not empowered, but traumatized.

Ultimately, I reached the crossroads—that moment of choice: to remain in that sinister place of pain, feeling hopeless and powerless; or to allow light to touch the depth and breadth of what I was feeling—to reclaim my power and dive deeply into the wound, so that healing could begin.

I did—and continue to do—whatever inner work was required of me as I processed the many painful layers of my experience. I sought support from numerous outside sources, too.

I carried from the darkness the very thing that hurt to hold. In the light, shame melted away. In the light, I looked around and saw that I wasn’t alone. In the light, new life began to grow.

Though scars linger, and are, at times, triggered and painful, I’ve experienced the healing of the wound that had been so open and raw—the festering wound that affected every aspect of my life.

I offer my experience as Education

so that the awareness of, and knowledge about, Birth Trauma

can reduce the risk of trauma occurring as women traverse 

this sacred rite of passage.

I offer my journey as Encouragement

with the intention that other women who carry a similar wound

 will find support along their own paths

and come to know that healing is, indeed, possible.