It's time for the silence surrounding Traumatic Childbirth to end.


  • No longer can it be dismissed as the Baby Blues, as Post-Natal Depression, or simply as a figment of an exhausted new mother’s imagination.

  • No longer can we negate the far-reaching effects of a traumatic birthing experience on the lives of mothers, their partners and their children.

  • No longer is it accepted that having a healthy baby is all that matters when it comes to birth.

  • No longer does the road to healing need to be walked alone.

  • And no longer will this be kept in silence.

Support & Encouragement for Women

As a Birth Trauma survivor, Jen Hannah offers:

Healing Circle Support Groups & Retreats, Music,

Articles about the healing journey, and other resources

supportive of the healing journey.

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Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals

Jen Hannah is a Birth Trauma Speaker, offering:

Keynote Presentations, Workshops, and Round Table

Discussions for Maternity Care Providers and

those in training.

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Keynotes & Presentations

I offer engaging, one-of-a-kind Continuing Education presentations for Health Care Professionals, addressing the causes & effects of Birth Trauma, and how the risk of it occurring can be minimized.

A Bit About Me

I've been there. In that darkest of places, feeling trapped in the trauma. And I have come to experience that healing truly is possible. May my experience serve to bring light, awareness & healing.

Healing Circle Support Groups

There is great potential for release when we are in the safe and compassionate presence of others who carry a similar wound. Open to women who are ready to bring their own experience to the light so that healing can begin, or continue.

Music for the Healing Journey

My journaling became poems, and poems became songs. The creation of this music was a crucial part of my own healing journey. May others find solace and solidarity in these songs.

"Jen, your music has been such a gift to me.... so many songs have hit home - things I grapple with in the healing process."
Marianne D. / Birth Trauma Surivivor

The way she weaves her music throughout the presentation is really effective. Powerful. Birth Trauma is obviously something that she knows, inside and out.
Mae / Attendee

"It's not about making anyone the 'bad guy'. This is about addressing the collective wound in our culture surrounding childbirth, and about hearing what it is that women are asking for.

When we can marry the medical expertise of the care provider with the wisdom of a woman's body, we're on our way to healing the root of this cultural epidemic."

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